Acuity Products Limited
Optic Technium,
Ffordd William Morgan,
St Asaph Business Park,
St Asaph, North Wales,
LL17 0JD
T: 01745 535 237

also at:
Europa Business Park       
Building 67,
Birdhall Lane,
Stockport, SK3 0XA
T: 0161 428 0596

UltraScreen™ main features

  1. Auto configuration on manufacturing run start up
  2. Automated Detection and Tracking
  3. Automated Reporting
  4. Cable eccentricity/concentricity
  5. Layer width fluctuations
  6. Stand Alone Features
  7. Groups feature events together to create
    composite events


UltraScreen™ technical specification

Accuracy of geometry measurement of extruded XLPE cable core
Angular coverage in degrees in circumferential plane 360 degrees
Minimum detectable variation in inner and outer screen thickness (1) 0.02mm
Minimum detectable variation in insulation thickness (1) 0.02mm
Minimum detectable eccentricity variation (AEIC CS9, IEC 60840)  
Conductor (Inner) screen (2) 1.2%
Insulation (3) 0.1%
Insulation (Outer) screen (4) 1.5%

Capability of detection of features in extruded XLPE cable core
Semi-conducting screens Minimum detectable local protrusion (5)  
Radial (6) 0.   0.15mm
Longitudinal (7)   0.27mm
Circumferential (8)   0.27mm
Insulation Minimum detectable particular contaminant (9)  
Radial (10)   0.1mm
Longitudinal (7)   0.27mm
Circumferential (11)   0.27mm