Acuity Products Limited
Optic Technium,
Ffordd William Morgan,
St Asaph Business Park,
St Asaph, North Wales,
LL17 0JD
T: 01745 535 237

also at:
Europa Business Park       
Building 67,
Birdhall Lane,
Stockport, SK3 0XA
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Giving You a Scientific Solution to Your Business

APL was formed in 2008 to bring together the expertise of the various founders in order to commercialise a unique, novel and effective approach to detecting micron level flaws in High Voltage electrical cable. (see case study). Building on the previous fundamental research in earlier work done at Manchester University, Acuity has advanced the technology beyond recognition with three years of intensive development, both of software and mechanical devices, which has led to successfully implementation after proving trials of a first product at a major European cable-manufacturer.

The company moved its headquarters to Wales in 2012, from where it continues to grow support to the international cable-making community and to research and develop other applications within its scientific and mathematical expertise. Currently several major companies are trialling APL products, and devices have been sold to clients across Europe. Developments continue in sectors beyond electrical cables, including composite materials and non-metallic extrusions, where the core technology brings unique capabilities in the detection of flaws.

Gareth is responsible at Acuity for the Algorithm Designs that are at the heart of the high fidelity measurement systems.

Gareth's work experience is largely in advanced military system project work, with a common theme of extracting and analysing very low level wideband signals from high noise backgrounds.


PAUL WILLMOTT PAUL WILLMOTT Co-founder & Development Director
Paul is responsible at Acuity for the company administration, as well as carrying out the main experimental investigations and putting UltraScreen systems to work in the factory environment.

An expert in acoustics acquired through working in Government Laboratory and leading Industry suppliers, Paul became Technical Director of the largest acoustics systems company in the UK. He has spent many years managing the development of advanced technologies from research phase to production systems.


CHRIS GILL CHRIS GILL Co-founder & Software Development Director
Chris is responsible at Acuity for the development of all software packages for the UltraScreen product.

Chris' work background has included a mixture of hardware and software developments for military radios and sonar systems. Chris has also served industrial clients as a solutions provider in the factory automation sector.


TONY HEPTON TONY HEPTON Business Development Director
Tony is responsible at Acuity for the sales and marketing of the UltraScreen product, as well as the business development function.

Tony has spent most of his working life in the area of non contact Monitoring Instrumentation for Industrial & Utility markets. He has also worked with previous employers in the innovation search for new business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions.


Associate staff include designers, commercial staff and product development specialists.