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A Scientific Solution to Your Business

APL solves your technical problems by applying scientific solutions. We start by thinking about the issue in purely scientific terms, and then researching the perfect scientific-based answer.

One of our specialities is the extraction of vital information from highly-complex time-variant signs. In simple terms, that means we can detect tiny flaws and defects in multi-layered materials and assist with the early detection of faults in products like electrical cables, carbon-fibre panels and plastic extrusions.

The benefits to manufacturers like you are many. Finding faults with your processes at an early stage saves time and money. We understand how important quality control is to you. So at APL, we find the scientific solution to make it simple for your business to turn quality control into quality assurance.
Our flagship product provides a completely automatic system for the online detection and reporting of XLPE High Voltage cable geometries. More

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Why APL?
  • Worldwide reach
  • Unique systems
  • Accepted by major manufacturers of electrical cables
  • Potential demonstrated for enhancing audio and ultrasonic outputs
Why the Technology?
  • Non-destructive detection of small flaws
  • Alternatives involve large loss of material
  • Early detection saves production time
  • Reliable detection saves wasted out-of-spec material
  • Online detection enable process monitoring and improvement
  • Online equipment is relatively inexpensive (100m cable £00 per metre)
  • Finds small defects quickly, cheaply and reliably
  • Novel approach to virtual elimination of noise from acoustic signals
Why Now?
  • Rapid growth in demand for submarine cable
  • USA planned replacement of major infrastructure
  • Competitive advantage